Travel Coverage Designed Specifically for Domestic Missions

Coverage provides MedAssist By Phone, emergency medical evacuation, trip cancellation & interruption, and emergency roadside assistance reimbursement.*

Why Mission Shield

Mission Shield is focused on church, humanitarian, and mission sending organizations. We have combined insurance benefits and non-insurance benefits that are specifically designed for charitable organizations traveling within the U.S. After over 25 years of insuring international groups, We saw a gap in coverage between the cost of medical bills and what traditional domestic coverage would provide. Deductible, co-payments and coinsurance can create gaps in coverage for mission groups when traveling away from home. This led us to research and development of a plan to meet the needs and provide protection for humanitarian organizations. MedAssist By Phone is a non-insurance benefit provided by MYidealDOCTOR™, a breakthrough program that we are excited to provide in this under-served field.

How does Mission Shield work?

Mission Shield domestic travel plan is designed with your needs. Helping protect not only your wallet but your health as well, you can feel secure knowing that you have 360o of coverage no matter what kind of major medical plan you may have already. Our plan is designed to complement and supplement any coverage you may already have in place to help with co-pays, deductibles, and out-of-pocket expenses. Our plan also helps you reduce the cost of medical expense with our non-insurance MedAssist By Phone benefit.

Choose your Plan

Choose the plan that best fits your groups travel needs: Lite, Plus, and Premier.



Complete the enrollment spread. Complete the group information. Enter each participant’s information into the enrollment spread. Choose your payment option.

Group Policyholders

If you have questions about your current plan , need to make changes, or have questions about a claim, use our Contact Page.