About MissionShield

Mission Shield

MissionShield was developed to meet the needs of individuals, churches, schools and ministries traveling inside of the US.

Whether it is legal liability or moral responsibility, organizations that coordinate and arrange for groups to travel domestically can create liability for their group or school. Assuming, or even requiring, that all travelers have medical protection does not shield the group organizer from liability. Inadequate coverage or the trip leader’s inability (lack of training) to assist a traveler during an emergency, accident, or sickness, can lead to out-of-pocket expenses that the organization may be obligated to cover, such as deductibles, co-payments, coinsurance or out of network charges not covered by the travelers insurance carrier.

For as little as $3 a day, as outline in the Lite plan*, participants can be covered for a variety of emergency needs.

*Refer to each plans terms, conditions, and limitations.